List Of The Best Rainmeter Skins For Windows 2019

Windows has been the most used Operating System for a long time. This is because of its simplicity, reliability, customizability and support wide range of Softwares. Speaking about the customizability windows is doing a great job. It offers you to select different Wallpapers and allow you to apply the themes from the official and from the third party themes. Already there are many themes or Programs that allow you to fully customize your Windows computer fully including the icons, design and your wallpaper.

Rainmeter: It is a desktop customization tool which helps you to customize your computer to the fullest. This Rainmeter application is Extremely powerful and uses very little hardware resources. It will work super fine with all the version of Windows from XP to Windows 10.

You can also easily modify the existing skin or you can create your own new skin. It is very easy in this toolkit to do a modification of skins. This Rainmeter application also lets you display extra information like clock, CPU usage, RSS feed and many more things.

With this application, you can download endless amount of skins. This application can be tweaked in any ways you want. You need to find the correct skin for this Rainmeter Application which is a little bit difficult as it this application has already tons and tons of Skins. That’s why we decided to write an article about the Best Rainmeter skin for windows.

To use any of this skin you need to install this Rainmeter application on your windows computer. You can download this application from their official website or from this link []. As I told earlier, this Rainmeter application is compatible with all the version of Windows.

In this article, we have listed 10 Best Skin for Rainmeter which is very versatile, functional and make your desktop appealing. Also, these skins have many shortcuts and widgets which helps you to increase your productivity. Let’s begin this article.

List of Best Rainmeter Skin for Windows


This is definitely a MARVEL’S era. Even if you hate Marvel or You are a Fan of DC, you will love Tony. Does n’t it? How will you feel when you have your own JARVIS for yourself. How Cool is it? If you need one JARVIS for yourself, install this Sper cool JARVIS skin in your Rainmeter. It has many modules which get your Job done. Also, all the modules in this JARVIS skin are very easy to customize and re-position. This skin includes widgets like RSS Feed, Clock, CPU Usage, Weather details and what not? Give this skin a try you will definitely love it. You can download this Jarvis Skin from the below Link.DOWNLOAD LINK:


You know how difficult is to coordinate all the Super Heroes to work together. But this Avengers Shield will make you organize things and making shortcuts which will simplify your computer life. You can set Many shortcuts for accessing applications like your favorite Browser, Media players, and your text editors. It has easy access buttons for Volume Up, Volume Down, Restart and Shut Down. You will definitely love this Skin if you’re a serious Avengers Fan like me. You can download this Avengers Shield Skin from the below Link.



If you’re reading this article, the chances are high for you to be the techie guy. This TECH- A Skin is very versatile and give you an amazing experience. This Skin also has all the options to simplify your tasks. It has a very minimalistic design which makes you feel your computer as Supercomputer. You can also tweak all the animations in this skin. You can download this Tech-A Skin from the below Link.DOWNLOAD LINK:


Speed is an amazing Skin with full of transparency and glass. It has a consistent design with modules for all the necessary functions. It looks great because of its amazing stock wallpapers. You can tinker with all the modules and make them look great for you. As the name suggests, In Speed Skin all the animations are quick and elegant. Like all skin, this SPEED skin allows all the necessary shortcut for your computer life. You can download this Speed Skin from the below Link.DOWNLOAD


Razor is a very very minimal skin which will make you whole setup look beautiful. Just look at the below screenshot of Razor skin. This skin is rich with transparent and frosted glass. It will definitely change the overall look of your computer. It has several modules which include RSS Feed, Clock, CPU Usage and lot more. This lacks some of the shortcuts which are available in all the above-mentioned skins. You can download this Razor Skin from the below Link.DOWNLOAD LINK:


This Skin is a nice looking Rectangular shaded Skin in which all the modules are in rectangular form. This rectangular feels elegant and the wallpaper makes the look classy. The Sub Modules in this skin are very classy which gives cool Look. This skin has modules like for all the needs like Network Speed, CPU Usage, weather statistics, Easy access tray and many more. Don’t be lazy to try different skin, Have a try and select which one is for you. You can download this ABP Skin from the below Link.



Wisp is a really unique Skin on this list. It has all the modules but none of the modules have any containing boundaries. With no boundaries, all the modules look super cool and stylish. For some persons, this skin is somewhat awkward. But In my opinion, this skin looks stylish and functional. Speaking about its functionality, it has all the necessary modules in a very cool interface. This stylish skin has CPU Stats, Network Bandwidth, Weather, and storage space. You can download this Wisp Skin from the below Link.



Are you searching for some unique and distinct look for your windows computer? If So, Newspaper Desktop is a skin you need. There is no doubt this skin definitely change your desktop appearance into a complete Newspaper. It has all the modules arranged like newspaper’s column. Look at the image with this skin you can catch all the RSS Feed as like a physical newspaper. Also, the date, time and news column are arranged same as the newspaper. This skin also has all the functionality of other skins have and an extra distinct look. You can download this Newspaper Desktop Skin from the below Link.



Neon space is a cool and minimal looking skin which has neon blue all over the desktop. It gives your desktop a spaceship like a look and believe me it is damn good. This skin has many widgets including 3 days weather forecast, CPU and RAM usage, calendar and what not? Try this Neon Space skin and experience how an Alien’s Spaceship looks like. You can download this Neon Space Skin from the below Link. You can download this Neon Space Skin from the below Link.



Unity is a simple looking skin which is very elegant for everyday usage. This Rainmeter skin has very simple and functional modules such as Time & Date, Shortcuts and Weather Statistics. This skin also has a dedicated media controls in the status bar. This elegant simple Unity skin will make your desktop to stand out from your Friend’s windows machine.


BONUS: We have one another skin which has all the functionality and has simple UI. This skin has the status to be on this list. So we add this skin to this list.

Simple Media

As the name suggests, this Simple Media skin has a very simple and elegant design. This skin has all the necessary basic functionality. This skin looks pretty great and this simple media skin will be liked by most of the people. It has all the necessary modules which can display the current data, time, temperature. You can also modify the design with some preset color combinations. You can download this simple media Skin from the below Link.


If you feel we miss any Rainmeter skin in this list, let us know in the comments below. We will try to try that skin and update our list.

Our Computers is the real digital extension of our personality. Many people will feel bored while seeing the same desktop’s screen for every single day. For all those people who really feel bored, try some of these Rainmeter Skin which is mentioned above.

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Hope this article will help you to make your Windows computer screen better than others and cool. Don’t be lazy to try many skins as possible. Without trying many skins you cannot able to find which skin suite for the desktop.

For me, I change skin frequently but JARVIS Skin is my personal favorite. JARVIS skin has much personalization and I love this stock wallpaper. As always share this article with your friends to help them to select the perfect skin for themselves. If you have any doubts or feedbacks always feel free to contact us in the comments below. Our team will always wait and feel happy to hear those words from you guys. Cheers!

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